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Géry Ogam

2013/11/1 Géry Ogam <maggy...@gmail.com>

> Hello Hans,
> I would like to prevent caption stoppers from appearing in references in
> ConTeXt.
> Here is a minimal example:
> \starttext
> \setupcaptions[numberstopper=.~---~, distance=0em]
> \placefigure[][cow]{A Cow}{\externalfigure[cow]}
> \in{Figure}[cow] shows a cow.
> \stoptext
> Aditya suggested that I use suffix instead of numberstopper, which works
> very well, but Wolgang said:
> ‘I’m sorry to disappoint you but there is no official solution to achieve
> this.
> There are ways to change the stopper for section numbers in the heading and
> the text but not for the other counters (floats, descriptions etc.).
> The solution you got from Aditya at stackexchange works but it’s more a
> hack
> because suffixes are used when you use a splitted float (e.g. a table
> which spans
> multiple pages) where you get 1.a., 1.b etc. (the a and b are suffixes) as
> numbers.’
> So since numberstoppers — of any kinds (for floats, sections,
> descriptions) — are supposed to separate numbers from titles, it would be
> logical that they don’t appear in references because references don’ have
> titles, only numbers, so no separation sign (numberstopper) is needed.
> Could you change that behaviour Hans, or add a command for setting the
> layout of the numbers in references (separators, counter conversion, etc.)?
> There is already such a command for section numbers and you only have to
> add another one for other counters.
> Best regards.
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