Hello together,

I have an arabic font, which is quite perfect, but only a little bit too thin, so that it seems to "vanish" into the white of the paper. Unfortunately this font does not come with an bold-variant.

Now I tried to manipulate it with CorelDraw, just converted into curves and added an contour (verys small 0.13pt, while font was 11pt) - and it worked! This "aritificial bold-font" works very well, better then I hoped, no problems - although it is no hand-tundes bold, but only countour-adding.

Now the question: I obviously cant set the entire book (more than 600 pages) with Corel-Draw, and want too use ConText, of course. So is there a way to produce this boldness out of this too thin font within ConText, too?

Thank your very much.
Best regards,
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