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in my actual book there is one special condition: It is already clear which paragraphs of the text have to be set on page 1, which on page 2 etc.pp. (a nearly 700 pages-project).

So there are no page-breaks within a paragraph, no overruns are allowed.

But now the question: The text for each page has not always the same length. So on some pages there might be many empty space at the buttom, while on others the textarea is completely filled. At the beginning I have to set an font-size - so I have to set it, such that the longest text fits into the text area on its page. But of course, many other pages maye filled only 60%. (That is the spectrum of the text-lengths in this project).

So one direct solution is clear (if one wants to have filled or nearly-filled pages, and I want this): I can change the font-size for every single page. But which size? It is a experiment, so I have to try 10pt, then compile, then 10.8pt .... ok, was too much, got an page-overrun .... lets try 10.4pt ..... and this for every single of the 700 pages.

That is possible of course, and if there is no other way, this will be my approach.

So: Is there some trick or way for automatically find the best (biggest) font-size (up to some precision, maybe one digit after decimal point in pt), s.t. the text produces no overrun (no page-brake)? I guess no, because ConTeXt had to run the compiling several times or so ... but better to ask and then to begin with the exhausting work.


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