On 11/28/2013 06:37 PM, Hans Hagen wrote:

   \setuppublications [alternative=num]
for example, should not append letters to the publication years when
encountering multiple publications by the same author(s) per year.

So, in the use of bibliographies, I have not understood how to control

In the bibl-xxx.tex files, it is defined as
as needed. Perhaps this is for mkii.

In bibl-bib.mkiv, one has
   \to \everysetupbibtexlistplacement
which seems to then use the keyword maybeyear.

I guess that
   \setupbibtexpublications [maybeyear=off]
in my source would turn off the appended letters, but this is not
correct. I have tried many variants (\setuppublications, \setupbibtex).
What am I misunderstanding? Or is this a bug?


maybeyear is one of the areas that need fixing. The simple on/off mechanism is not sufficient, because the behavior needs to be more complex:

1. If the citation style does not use the year as a key, do not append letters.

2. If the citation style uses year as key and only one publication/year of an author is quoted and listed (even if there are several in the bib file) do not append letter.

3. Append letter if citation style uses year AND more than one publication/year for given author is quoted and listed.

I assume that in order for this to work, Hans will have to rewrite the code which produces the .bbl file from the bib. Right now, AFAICS, the .bbl contains the entire .bib database. It should only contain the entries which are cited.

Alan, does that make sense to you?

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