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> On 2013-12-04 Wolfgang Schuster wrote: 
>> Am 04.12.2013 um 18:56 schrieb Jan Tosovsky <>:
>>> On 2013-12-04 Hans Hagen wrote:
>>>> there is a (somewhat incomplete) reference definition in xml format
>>>> so your (b) is in principle covered;
>>> where is it stored?
>> The english interface is stored in the file cont-en.xml, the path for
>> the file on my system is
>>    /Users/wolf/context/beta/tex/texmf-
>> context/tex/context/interface/cont-en.xml
>> A PDF with all commands from the files is available here:
> Thanks. Interesting to see what can be found on my PC :-)

You can produce the PDF yourself with "context --global x-set-12.mkiv“.

> Unfortunately there isn't even minimal description what the particular
> command does :-(

The file shows only the syntax of the command, when you want a description of 
the command
you have to writer this yourself. To show which keys and values are available 
for each command
you can load a single one of them from the big file.

> And what is the purpose of those localized versions?

ConTeXt has a multilingual interface where you can use dutch, french etc. 
command names, e.g.


is written as


when you use the dutch interface.

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