Hello ConTeXist.
I am very sorry for this OFF TOPIC contribution.

For writing of this text led me several hours of searching on internet. I was looking for ways to typing of non-elementary math in ConTeXt

Already a long time I use ConTeXt typesetting lot of different things and I am very satisfied. In the many things, of which I typed, was maths represented only marginally and minimally. Now I need to type some mathematics (at secondary school level) and I found that I came across borders of my knowledge of ConTeXt, or on possibilities of ConTeXt for typesetting of mathematics. I do not in any way call into question the ability of ConTeXt typesetting mathematics, although I think that who wants to type mathematics then use LaTeX. I want find experience of users of ConTeXt for real using of ConTeXt for typesetting of mathematics. I wonder how users use possible math modules (exist anything?) to be usable results.

I have a few questions:

0. Do you think that this is only a problem for beginners of ConText or it is a general problem of ConTeXt? 1. How many of ConTeXt users use this tool for typesetting of non-elementary mathematics? 2. Are you satisfied with the results, which produces ConTeXt (thinking in the field of mathematics rate)? 3. What things do you need to have in ConTeXt study that one could bet mathematics at a reasonable level? 4. Is ConTeXt able to substitute LaTeX to typesetting of math (e.g. in the future)?
5. Can you think of any more questions that should be here?

I hope that my question will help other beginners who would like to typing of mathematics use ConText - this unique and useful tool.

Thanks for all the answers.

Jaroslav Hajtmar

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