Hi Aditya,

recently I changed my linux distribution to arch and so I used your arch 
suggestion to
install ConTeXt. Instead of "reporting any bugs at the ConTeXt mailing list" 
according to
the last sentence it's in my own interest to thank you for your work there!

All went well, though one little rather unimportant thing irritated me 
"makepkg" which should generate "context-minimals-<date>.pkg.tar.gz" with the 
date of
today, as I assume, generated 
"context-minimals-git-20130615-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.gz" instead,
with a one year old date. 

But the eventually generated ConTeXt is totally new:
ConTeXt  ver: 2014.05.13 00:04 MKIV beta  fmt: 2014.5.13 

So, it's not a real bug, only irritating a little bit. 
I thank you again!


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