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>> This is with Context 2013.05.28 00:36 MKIV (TL2013 on Debian).
> the beta works ok .. are there any messages with respect to missing 
> fonts or map files?

FYI, with recent betas (2014.05.17 from a context standalone or
2014.05.21 from Debian TL2014), I still find the problem with the
internal mptopdf converter dropping glyphs.  I work around it in the
Makefile (convert using mptopdf externally).  However, in case it is
worth tracking down, here is the original report with the minimal


The internal mptopdf converter in MkIV omits some glyphs in the labels.
Here's a minimal example (test.tex):




And testfig.1 is produced by testfig.mp

label(btex $\Omega$ etex, (0,0));
currentpicture := currentpicture scaled 5;

Here's testfig.1 to save a step in debugging:

%%BoundingBox: -18 -18 18 18 
%%HiResBoundingBox: -17.98805 -17.0195 17.98798 17.0195 
%%Creator: MetaPost 1.803
%%CreationDate: 2013.08.09:1612
%%Pages: 1
%*Font: cmr10 49.81323 9.96265 0a:8
%%Page: 1 1
 0 0 0 setrgbcolor
-17.98805 -17.0195 moveto
(\012) cmr10 49.81323 fshow

Then do:

  mptopdf testfig.1
  context test.tex
  xpdf test.pdf

The first framed box, using the internal mps->pdf conversion, is empty.
The second framed go, using the pdf file produced by mptopdf, correctly
contains \Omega.

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