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Am 19.08.2014 um 21:02 schrieb Hans Hagen <pra...@wxs.nl

I see no message that the module is loaded which is weird. But your
format is from may, so are you sure you use the latest versions of all?

It’s a bug in the commands.usemodules function in file-mod.lua which
sets a wrong status value
when you try to load a notexsitend file. Below is a minimal example
where you get the right message
when you uncomment the \enabledirectives line.




ok, so we should have:

   if not status or status == 0 then

Won’t a change like this make more sense?

Files without a prefix are only loaded when you enable the required

function commands.usemodules(prefix,askedname,truename)
             if status then
                 -- ok, don't change
             elseif find(truename,"%-") and usemodule(truename) then
                 -- assume a user namespace
                 report_modules("using user prefixed file %a",truename)
                 status = 1
-           elseif not permit_unprefixed then
-               -- forget about it
-           elseif usemodule(truename) then
+           elseif permit_unprefixed and usemodule(truename) then
                 report_modules("using unprefixed file %a",truename)
                 status = 1
                 status = 0

sure, i'd added a "status = 0" there but collapsing the else's makes more sense indeed


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