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Recently, I installed “Noto Sans CJK” font which is developed by Adobe and 
After “mtxrun —generate”, luatex locates the font.

For test, I run the following code and got “fatal error:no return code” 
Even though I didn’t include Korea test, it says the same error message.

However, I can use the font in the text editor without problem.

What is wrong in this case? 

Thank you.

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%\definefontfamily[mainface] [rm] [Noto Sans CJKkr]

\definefont[test][NotoSansCJKkr-Regular at 14pt]

TeX uses different fonts for text and math, but it possible to replace certain 
characters in the math font with glyphs from a text font.

%한글이 잘 되는지 모르겠네요.

log file:
mtx-context | run 1: luatex 
 --no-parse-first-line --c:currentrun=1 --c:fulljobname="./test.tex" 
--c:input="./test.tex" --c:kindofrun=1 --c:maxnofruns=8 "cont-yes.mkiv"
This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.79.1 (TeX Live 2014/dev) (rev 4972)
\write18 enabled.
open source > 1 > 1 > 
ConTeXt ver: 2014.07.30 10:31 MKIV beta fmt: 2014.8.6 int: english/english
system > 'cont-new.mkiv' loaded
open source > 2 > 2 > 
close source > 2 > 2 > 
system > files > jobname 'test', input './test', result 'test'
fonts > latin modern fonts are not preloaded
languages > language 'en' is active
open source > 2 > 3 > /Users/graph/Documents/TeXfiles/test.tex
fonts > preloading latin modern fonts (second stage)
fonts > 'fallback modern-designsize rm 12pt' is loaded
backend > xmp > using file 
pages > flushing realpage 1, userpage 1
close source > 2 > 3 > /Users/graph/Documents/TeXfiles/test.tex
close source > 1 > 3 > 
mtx-context | fatal error: no return code, message: luatex: execution 

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