Dear list,

at some point my document started throwing an error

! error:  (nodes): trying to delete an attribute reference of a non attribute 

I managed to extract a minimal example which shows the error (below).  However, 
the error only occurs when the filename of the document contains a hyphen!  
When I save the document as `test-error.tex' the error comes up, when I save it 
as `testerror.tex' it typesets smoothly.

Unfortunately, I currently cannot update to latest beta because I have an 
important document where I cannot afford any regressions.

Cheers, Henri



\definebreakpoint [hyphen] [-] [nleft=3,nright=3,type=6,range=yes]

\setuppagenumbering [alternative=doublesided]



{\em Detailtypografie} by Friedrich Frossman

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