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Don't worry, no one feels offended. FYI, Pragma is not that large a company so we cannot allocate more resources than we do now (and did the last couple of decades). We just provide the manuals we write in the process and happily leave the rest to others.
Not all old manuals will be updates. There are already a lot in the distribution and another 6 on my disk waiting for an mkiv update. These are often covering a specific aspect. I happily leave writing additional manuals to others.

Good approach, I believe. It is always better to have a community that participate to the work instead of doing all the work.
Each year at the context meeting this topic pops op and there are many plans but a lack of time interferes.

Btw, Alan is writing a larger story for beginners.

Having a good tutorial for beginners will be a good advertisement for ConTeXt, I guess.
The interface is actually rather stable otherwise we could not use it ourselves. However the move to luatex made it possible to kick out code related to input and font encoding as well as update to new technologies so there have been changes. So, the trick is to point new users to the right examples and documentation.

The letter generator was located there in my system : /usr/share/texmf/doc/context/base/examplap/gui/letter.pdf. You have written previously that the examplap code and examples where mkii. In this case, if this would be located there /usr/share/texmf/doc/context/base/mkii/examplap/gui/letter.pdf instead, in a mkii folder, I would have known at first glance that it is outdated documentation. So a quick first improvement could be to put mkii related documentation in a mkii folder.

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