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Many of the old manuals got updates by Hans and he included the PDF’s (together with the source files) in the normal ConTeXt download, you can find them in the doc folder in your ConTeXt installation.

Ok, I don't have enough the habit of consulting documentation that is installed in my system. I have found something interesting here that could be helpfull to me : /usr/share/texmf/doc/context/base/examplap/gui/letter.pdf. It seems to be a letter generator, but unfortunately I wasn't able to make it work. Maybe it is outdated since it is 10 years old.

The wiki has a page for examples and you’re free to update the existing examples or add new ones.

Do you mean http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Sample_documents ? Yes, that's a good idea, since I believe that it is a way to improve documentation with little efforts. Then I plan to add the cover letter style I made since I am happy with the results, although 1 or 2 things could have some improvement. There are also some letter styles there, then I will have a look on them too. I don't know if people are intimidated about writing contents in the wiki because it is the official wiki and feel that only programmers are supposed to update it, but it will be really helpfull if the users have more the habit of posting there the document styles they made.

Sounds interesting and the best thing you can do is to start with it.

Thanks for your encouragement ! Yes that looks like an interesting challenge for me, but it is not something I am wanting to do alone because of my lack of experience, at least I would need someone to coach me. Actually I don't have really experience with web developpment and I would at least need help for the technological choices. Having someone that tells me that if I use technology X, there are module Y and Z that will be a good fit is a good start.

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