Hi all,

At the recent 10th ConTeXt meeting, we also had the 6th members meeting
of the ConTeXt Group.

The ConTeXt Group uses the annual members meeting to keep track of the 
activities that are deployed by and for our members as well as ConTeXt
users in general.

One item on the agenda this year was the Electronic publication of the
CG Journal. The assembly agreed that in the future we would publish the 
table of contents of the CG Journal as quickly as possible, and the
PDFs of actual articles therein six months after appearance of the 
printed version of an issue.

The table of contents of the 2016 journal issue is still undecided at
this moment, we have to wait and see how many articles we will actually
receive before the deadline of November 15.

The PDFs of the 2015 journal issue will become available in March 2017,
because it was released on paper during the 10th meeting.

But the PDFs of previous issues’ articles can now be downloaded from:


While setting up this new site, I purposely used /journal for the
CG Journal, so that there is room for other articles from other
sources besides the ConTeXt Group. 

If you have written an article --or know of an article by someone else— 
that you believe would be interesting to add to the site, please send 
me an email message with the details and (link to) the PDF. But note 
that we will only consider articles that can technically and legally be 
hosted on articles.contextgarden.net itself (no external links).

Best wishes,


The item(s) mentioned in this message are only part of the activities
undertaken by the ConTeXt Group. The ConTeXt Group is a non-profit
organisation set up for and by ConTeXt users, with its purpose being
promoting and facilitating the use of the ConTeXt typesetting 
system developed by Pragma ADE.

We can always use more volunteers and members, so please think about 
joining in! See http://group.contextgarden.net/ for more information.

If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the 

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wiki     : http://contextgarden.net

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