Dear list members,

I create all my MetaFun drawings in a separate environment file where each 
individual drawing sits inside a start/stopbuffer. This allows me to easily use 
those drawings in all my documents using \processMPbuffer[name]. Works just 

However, I also wish to have all the drawing available in a pdf file (each 
drawing on a separate page). This allows me to split the pdf and use the 
drawing elsewhere (e.g. in a Powerpoint) or include page(s) from the pdf in 
another document.

The below MWE represent my MetaFun drawings file.
The idea is that by uncommenting the \enablemode[makepdf] I can create the pdf 
file with drawings. It seems however that startMPpage does not accept buffers 
(I also tried processbuffer and processMPbuffer).

Is it possible to somehow make this work?

Thanks and regards,
Jan Willem Flamma


  draw fullcircle scaled 2cm withcolor red ;

  draw unitsquare scaled 2cm withcolor red ;


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