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I would like to have a chapter title consisting of 1 line, halfline spacing, 
another set of lines, and another halfline spacing (I use grid=both but same 
issue with grid=yes), but I fail to acheive this. I give a simple MWE that 
shows wanted effect (without heading) which works all fine, followed by sample 
chapter which shows that ‘E’ is above the grid base line (added \showgrid to 
make it visible). Do I need to put the title content in some box ?

Thanks a lot for any hint,
Best regards



\setuphead[Chapter][number=no, align=center, style=\tf, before={\blank[none]}, 
after={\blank[none]}, grid=both]

\strut E\blank[halfline]A\strut\blank[halfline]

Paragraph text.


\startChapter[title={\strut E\blank[halfline]A\strut\blank[halfline]}]

Paragraph text.

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