After several years away from Context, I would like to start using it again and encounter the following problem:

I am on a Fedora 25 system, 64bit machine and installed context from the rpm repositories via dnf. The repositories contain a Texlive 2016 version.

I installed "texlive" and "texlive-context" from those repositories, and context works out of the box.

The problem is with mtxrun: it seems unable to find the scripts. The scripts are installed in


When I invoke "mtxrun --script" from any place, I get a "no script name given" without the expected list of available scripts wheni I invoke the same from the scripts directory, I get the list of available scripts as expected.

When I invoke "mtxrun --script fonts --list --all" from any directory, I get "unknown script 'font.lua' or mtx-font.lua' the same comand from the directory where the scripts are located gives "mtx-fonts.lua:135: attempt to index global 'fonts' (a nil value)"

Is this supposed to work out of the box, or do I still have to manually configure some details as in older texlive versions ? (could not find anything in the context wiki or maillist that helps me to solve this problem)

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