On 2017-04-01 00:10, Todd DeVries wrote:
Thanks for your assistance.  Was unaware of using the setupheads
command incorrectly.  Good information to have.  I am still not
able to produce an automatic period (.) at the end of the section
title using the after keyword.  is this correct?

Seems to be. While before= is honored, after= is not. This looks like an inconsistency that can be addressed.

On Friday, March 31, 2017, 7:01:28 PM, Rik writes:

alternative=text is working, but \startparagraph is starting a
new paragraph after the heading.  \start\stopparagraph is not
happy with the text alternative.
I am wondering if this is just not going to work with the tagging
subsystem.  The subsection aligns if I remove the start/stop
paragraph following the heading.  But if I add a second paragraph
in that subsection it breaks again.

Example, please. I have no problem adding a start/stopparagraph after your knuth. (Note that the knuth has to be terminated in a \par or a blank line. That is because of the construction of that input file.)

I use tagged pdfs for output
because they are more accessible with my screen reader.  Without
tagging, all one gets is long blocks of undifferentiated text.
With the correct tags, paragraphs, headings, lists, and tables
get created that make more sense with auditory output.  To my
knowledge, ConTeXt is the only alternative for producing
accessible pdfs beyond working with Acrobat pro or MS.  Word.
After writing a 70-page academic project in Word, I'm seeking

Perhaps one can just use in-paragraph bolding and mark that text
for the table of contents as an alternative.  This is required
for heading level 3 content in APA style.

For now that might be best as long as you do not need to reference them in a table of contents (not required by APA, as I read the standard, although perhaps an added requirement from your publisher).

Thanks for your assistance.  I'm a newbie and appreciate the


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