this is a rather long mail, but I'll add the answers to the wiki.

For the future: Should I write one mail per question or all in one? :)

1. Color of references and table of content:
How can I define/change the colors of references and the table of content? And
why are some references red and others green?

2. Own title format
I've set an own title format for chapters, like described in the wiki. 
Unfortunately this applies to the table of contents and bibliography as well.
Below a minimal example, that reproduces it:

        {\vbox{\headtext{chapter} #1\blank#2}}}

\setuphead[chapter][command=\MyChapter, style={\switchtobodyfont[24pt,ss]}, 
header=empty, page=mychapterpagebreak]
\setupheadtext[chapter=Chapter, content=Table of Contents]



How can I prevent the printing of "Chapter" in the table of contents and

3. Text size in t-vim
I've defined a smaller text size in t-vim, but this seems to affect \inline... 
as well. Is there a way to circumvent this?

Minimal example:

        for line in foo:
This is keyword \inlinepython{in} Python.

4. Captions of combinations
The wiki shows, how to completely autolabel figures in a combination with mkiv.
Is there a way to simply prefix the label with a), b), c),...?

Another related question: Is there a way to define the width and align of the 
labels of a combination?

5. Numbering of floats
I want a numbering for my figures in this format:
way=bychapter, prefixsegments=chapter

I guess, this is the default, but I've explicitly set it.
In some captions the prefix is ignored. For example there are 5 figures in 
chapter 2, then the captions of the figures (the text is in German) are:
Abbildung 2.1   foo
Abbildung 2.2   bar
Abbildung 3    foobar
Abbildung 4    otherfoo
Abbildung 5    lastfoo

Is there anything, I can do, to prevent this?

6. Multiple references
I want to create the same footnote on multiple locations in the text. 
Therefore I used:

This\footnote[letter-s]{"s" is a letter.} is\note[letter-s] a 
nons\note[letter-s]ens\note[letter-s]e text.

But this uses different fonts for the number in the text. Is there a way to fix 
this or do it better?

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