many  thanks for having added \xmlprettyprinttext to ConTeXt.

I have now another problem with inline code:

\definetype[TeX][option=TEX, lines=hyphenated]
This is inline code: \TeX{\command[option=value]{final text}}

<p>Inline code: <code class="sourceCode latex"><span
class="fu">\TeX</span>[option=value]{final text}</code></p>

I need the \TeX command from the first text paragraph, but I have to
make it work with an XML source such as the second one (the code element).

Would it be possible to have something like \xmlprettyinlinetext (it is
essential to have consistent marking in code blocks and in inline code?

I have tried to find out a solution, but \typebuffer requires a separate
paragraph (or I didn’t know how to disable it).

Many thanks for your help,

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