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Ahoi again,

I’m preparing some ConTeXt docs with a lot of examples and would like to 
reproduce what we have in the wiki as

<context source="yes">

i.e. sourcecode beside the result.

Often the shown source is exactly what I want to show, in other cases I need 
some additional setup that I don’t want to show.

Which approach would you suggest? Combinations?


   {\getbuffer[setups, example-1]}

Thank you again, that should be enough for most of my small examples.
I guess I never heard of or forgot about \placesidebyside as well as 

But I’d like to show a lot of similar examples to explain several options.
Therefore, if I’d like to simplify my code, but this doesn’t work:


 am Bein}}

You can't do that with buffers. If you need to define your own macros that behave like buffers, you need to use \grabbufferdata (see buff-ini.mkiv). But in this case, there is a simpler solution:




  ]{Klotz am Bein}


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