> On 17 May 2018, at 10:20, Ulrike Fischer <ne...@nililand.de> wrote:
> Am Thu, 17 May 2018 09:39:47 +0200 schrieb Taco Hoekwater:
>>>> Or use luasocket, which is included in the luatex binary:
>>> But I'm right that this works only with http and not with https?
>> Works ok for me. Did you test?
> I tried a few links and always got 301 back regardless if they exist
> or not and thought due to the discussion two month ago on the luatex
> list about https content that it doesn't work at all. 
> I know found https://httpbin.org/ and with it the tests worked:
> https://httpbin.org/html gave 200 and https://httpbin.org/htmlxxxx
> gave 404.

It only works because it silently discards the https: and replaces
it with http: . Actually, it disregards what is in front of // 
completely, whatever it is.  Even:

  url    = "foobar://www.ntg.nl/watistex.html"

works just 'fine'.

Anyway, perhaps someone can answer me this? I tried the ffi/curl code,
and the network stuff works, but only when I comment out the write

  lcurl.curl_easy_setopt(curl, CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION, 

If I dont, I get an error message from ffi that is:

  unable to convert argument 3 from cdata<unsigned long long (*)(void*, 
unsigned long long, unsigned long long, void*)> to cdata<vararg>
  stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'curl_easy_setopt'
        [ctxlua]:42: in function 'check_status'
        [ctxlua]:1: in main chunk

And I have no idea what that actually means or how to fix it?

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