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We have worked furiously all day kicking-out extra code, and are pleased to present a lean-and-mean version of luatex with your favorite ConTeXt. Same good taste but only half the calories and a new name: luametatex and ConTeXt LMTX. No more Mk-whatever, no more dependencies for we can now stand on our own. Of course, good-old luatex and MkIV (as well as MkII) will continue to coexist and be maintained. However, now you will be able to run ConTeXt lmtx on your smart thermostat or on your refrigerator for the Internet of Things - the dawn of a new era!

I get an error when using pgfplots:




tex error > tex error on line 1 in file /opt/luametatex/tex/texmf-modules/tex/generic/pgf/libraries/decorations/pgflibrarydecorations.pathreplacing.code.tex: ! Undefined control sequence

<write> ... set (\string \pgfplotsset {compat=\mostrecent

The error is coming from the following code in pgfplotssysgeneric.code.tex:

\pgfplots@message{Package pgfplots notification 'compat/show suggested version=true': document has been generated with the most recent feature set (\string\pgfplotsset{compat=\mostrecent}).^^J}%

where \pgfplot@message is defined as:


To me, it seems like an error in pgfplots (I think that instead of \mostrecent, the error message should use `\pgfkeysvalueof{/pgfplots/compat/mostrecent}`) and is easily fixable by setting `\let\mostrecent=\relax` before loading pgfplots.

What is interesting is that for some reason the error message does not show up in ConTeXt MkIV. I couldn't make a minimal example to show the difference between the two.


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