> More likely the problem it has is due to the omitted /CIDSet in the font 
> descriptor.
> The error is in the display engine, not the text extractor (since cut&paste 
> work ok).
> And that means the problem is almost certainly not the cmap. The only other 
> non-trivial
> difference I saw in the old vs. new pdf was that no longer present /CIDSet.
> Unf., generating one in the text editor is bit beyond me-on-the-could mode, 
> so I can
> not be certain of that although it seems likely (I checked with FF that the 
> two glyphs
> are indeed in the embedded font subset and in the exact slots the pdf says 
> they have, so
> that is also unlikely to be the problem.)

I’m not familiar with the internals of pdf files.

When i use firefox as pdf viewer, the font information seems to go void in the 
new version (fun1.pdf).

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