Dear list,

With ConTeXt standalone there was an easy way to update the install script and
the distrivution using

    rsync -ptv rsync:// .
    sh ./ --context=latest --engine=luatex --modules=all 

For LMTX it seems that I have to download the zip from, extract it and then run to
account for possibly updated installation scripts.  Is there a resource where I
can download the (unzipped) install script and binaries via rsync directly?

On another note, it seems that I can't install modules and fonts in LMTX.  When 

    mtxrun --script mtx-install.lua --help

I can see the options --modules and --fonts but running

    bin/mtxrun --script ./bin/mtx-install.lua --update --server="..." 
--instance="..." --modules=all --fonts=all

seems to have no effect.  How do I install modules and fonts?

Cheers, Henri

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