Henning Hraban Ramm schrieb am 05.08.2019 um 15:10:
Of course the behaviour depends on the PDF viewer… :-(
In Acrobat Pro 9 the radiobuttons work while I highlight form fields; if I 
switch that off, all options are checked.
In Adobe Reader DC you can’t switch off form field highlighting.
Preview.app only highlights on mouseover and checks all radiobuttons.
PDF Studio (that I try to establish as a cheap alternative to Acrobat Pro) 
sometimes shows an error after asking if I’d like to activate JavaScript and 
won’t open my form document at all.

Since I need also a non-interactive version for printout, and since ConTeXt 
doesn’t reserve the space of form fields if I switch off interaction, I used to 
remove form fields with Acrobat.
In previous versions (I can prove 2018-11) ConTeXt used its own frames for 
radiobuttons and checkboxes. Now it seems to use options of the PDF form fields 
that look different in viewers and disappear if I delete the field…

Custom symbols of radiobuttons and checkboxes are displayed constantly (that 
used to work only in MkII 10 years before or so, probably due to changes in 
Acrobat), and it’s not possible to use different symbols for checkend and 



Am 2019-08-05 um 10:03 schrieb Henning Hraban Ramm <te...@fiee.net>:

Hi, coming back to an old form project I find that something changed WRT to 
form fields.

For one, some fields appear smaller and shifted upwards – I managed to fix that 
with setups.

What I can’t change is behaviour of radiobuttons: if I click one, all rbs of 
one group activate, and I can’t deactivate them any more.

In my project all of the fields are duplicated on other pages, and while all 
other fields’ contents get copied, it doesn’t work for radiobuttons; my minimal 
example unfortunately can’t show that.


  frame=overlay, corner=round,
  height=1em, width=1em,
Use (with "framed" in the second optional argument)

\setupfield [MMradio] [framed] [..,..=..,..]

to get normal framed fields.


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