Thank you, Taco!

> = ConTeXt Meeting blurb =
> If you have not registered yet, please consider joining us at 

YES, register NOW if you didn’t already!

> = Chaos Communication Camp = 
> CG Board member Henning Hraban Ramm is representing the ConTeXt community 
> at the Chaos Communication Camp 2019 in the 'LaTeX Village’ (set up in 
> conjunction with Dante e.V.)
> If any of you are in the neighbourhood of Ziegeleipark Mildenberg, Zehdenick, 
> Germany between August 21 and 25, I am sure he would love to see some visitors
> (Zehdenick is about 60km north of Berlin).

No, sorry, that won’t work – tickets are sold out.

Of course I’d be glad to meet other ConTeXt users in our lovely LaTeX lab ;)

BTW our neighbours are the latex loving Kinky Geeks - no coincidence… :D

There will be 5 kids in our village, I’m curious what questions they’ll bring 

Greetlings, Hraban

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