On 3/5/2020 2:46 AM, Thangalin wrote:
If it helps, here's why I thought it would work:


The wiki page shows that the macro takes a style option. The style
option links to:


This page has a list of predefined styles and describes how to set up
an alternative style:


 From the wiki page:

\definealternativestyle [head:neat]       [\WORD]   []

While \definealternativestyle[PoemFirstWord][{\bf\uppercasing}][] will
work for my needs, I am concerned that it is inconsistent wrt wiki
documentation, and also appears to expose an inconsistent API, as it
were. Is there any way to make the two conform to the same usage? That
is, it was not obvious (from the wiki) that I could not use "WORD" as
an alternative style even though it is literally listed and used as an
alternative style.
WORD is not a style but some operation on characters so it won't work here (ok, i could probably make it work but it would be ugly code) .. it happens that some operations can be uses as styles


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