> Am 05.05.2020 um 03:31 schrieb jbf <roma83...@gmail.com>:
> The following excellent solution (see below) to a 2-page spread of an image 
> was given me by Hans (I had been completely unaware of the command 
> \startspread. It appears to be recent and undocumented, but it certainly 
> simplifies matters).
> But in my case the title is a lengthy sentence, rather than the 4-word 'This 
> is a cow'. And even though I have been able to split the line, e.g. 
> title={this is my very, very, very,\\ very etc. etc. long title}, what 
> happens is that part of the caption still appears on the right-hand page of 
> the spread.
> Is there a way that I can limit the appearance of the caption to just one 
> (the left-hand) page? In other words, so the figure is spread but not the 
> caption? Or alternatively, have the caption neatly split across the two pages 
> with appropriate space inbetween? I tried various combinations, including an 
> \hfill halfway through the title, but to no avail. Perhaps this is asking too 
> much, but there may be a workaround.

I guess you need something like

title={\hbox to \textwidth{\vbox{Your lengthy caption}}}


title={\framedtext[width=\textwidth,frame=off,align=right]{Your lengthy 

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