On Fri, 22 May 2020, Garulfo wrote:

Hi all,

thanks for your encouraging feedbacks.

1/ Concerning the Manuals Page
   - As proposed, "obsolete banners" are added to thumbnails  of the
     oldest manuals.

Looks good. A few minor comments:

I haven't tested it, but the natural tables in context examples (in Sec 3.6) 
should still work with latest versions.

The "context rehab for amsmath addicts" should be in math (or sciences) rather 
than tables. (This reminds me, I should update that reference).

   - About providing zips of manuals per topics: maybe we could just
     add a index.html in the distribution structure, to provide  the
     user with a browsing system similar to the wiki's one.

   - If the admistrators wish, I can now replace the current page.

One concern that I have is how easy it is to navigate the page on the phone. 
Currently, it does not really work on the phone. Is there some way to make it 
more responsive?

2/ After  the Manuals,  please find a proposal for the Welcome Page,
   which is probably trickier

   - https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Main_Page_TempProposal
   - https://wiki.contextgarden.net/Main_Page (the current)

   - 4 objectives :
        1/ do something more visual, reduce the amount of text,

Some of us prefer text. What was earlier a one step process for me (go to home 
page, search for keyword, go to page), is now a two step process. But I agree 
that the new proposed layout is more friendly to new users and support it.

        2/ provide a fairly comprehensive overview with less than 15
        3/ but hold in one (big) screen,

This looks more reasonable on the phone. The 2nd half of the page looks okay, 
but the first half still looks weird (too narrow and long columns). Perhaps 
there is a way to may it a bit more responsive on the phone.

        4/ avoid redundancies on the Welcome Page,
        5/ match both the Wiki's structure & the Manuals' structure.

Again, depending on  your feedbacks, I would be happy to improve it.

It's built from scripts  ==>  not too hard now to reorder, to adapt.

You should also document your work flow somewhere (perhaps the talk page of the 
same page or a dedicated page on the wiki). That is useful for long term 
maintainability of the wiki.

If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the 

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