If I understand, the translation file mult-def.lua provides 5 families
for translations:
1- commands
2- constants
3- variables
4- elements (prefix or suffix of commands) like
   - \completeREGISTER and \completeindex
      ^^^^^^^^              ^^^^^^^^
   - \startmakeup and \stopmakeup
          ^^^^^^          ^^^^^^
5- setupstrings, to describe the syntaxe and the type of the arguments

1/ I don't understand how to impact, for example, FLOAT and chemical in:

     \placeFLOAT           becomes \placerFLOAT
     \startplaceFLOAT      becomes \debutplacerFLOAT
     \placerchemical       becomes \placerchemical
     \startplacerchemical  becomes \debutplacerchemical

2/ I don't understand the following


% interface=fr
\debutsection[titre=test] This is a test \finsection
\codelua{context("Foo Bar 1")}

% interface=fr
\debutsection[titre=test] This is a test \finsection
\debutcodelua  context("Foo Bar 2") \fincodelua

tex error       > error not related to input file:
tex error       >   tex: ?
tex error       >   lua: ?
tex error       >   mps: -
mtx-context     | fatal error: return code: 256

I suppose that some complementary modifications may be required with
\start \stop and lua

Once again, thanks a lot for your support.

Le 24/06/2020 à 23:35, Hans Hagen a écrit :
On 6/24/2020 11:01 PM, Garulfo wrote:

I try to update and to fill the french content of mult-def.lua.

Currently, I have an updated "mult-def.lua" file. 3 questions :

1/ which commands should be executed in order to make the new local
    interface effective with context

context --make fr

btw, top lines of files can have % interface=fr

2/ which commands should be executed in order to build a local version
    of setup-fr.pdf

context --interface=fr --global --result=mysetup x-setups-overview.mkiv

3/ many commands in setup-fr.pdf are not documented in mult-def.lua
    where does the additionnal translations should come from ?
users who know the language


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