Monday, March 10, 2003 Bruce D'Arcus wrote:

BDA> Since I've earlier agreed with you on this Giuseppe, I'll do so here
BDA> too.

BDA> However, there seems to be something weird with this sample file.  In
BDA> the first Knuth entry, the first paragraph is not indented, while in
BDA> the second (at the end) it is.  This is a matter of trivial detail
BDA> though, and I agree with your basic request.

Actually that indent/noindent for the first line of the displayed
material was just a personal test to see if I could make it work
(so as to distinguish when the displayed material started a new
paragraph and when not --when there is indentation on the first
line it's because it starts a new paragraph ...)

Anyway, I built a "quick and dirty" patch which seems to work for
most environments which, I think, require it: itemgroups,
definitions, formulas, verbatim. You can put it in your cont-loc
between \unprotect ... \protect pairs:

\startvariables all
    auto: auto

   \egroup % temporary hack
   \ifnum\itemcolumndepth=\zerocount \dolistreference \fi % beware !
   \iffirstlist \else \endgroup \fi % toegevoegd, eerste \som opent groep
       \doitembreak\allowbreak           % toegevoegd


     \stopopelkaar  % includes \egroup
=== END PATCH ===

Remember to issue the following instructions:


to make it work. No need to regenerate the formats (you may need
to refresh the filename database if you didn't have a cont-loc.tex
before that). Hans, can we hope for this to go into the core for
the next beta?

Note: while I think it should be done for quotations as well, this
seems to be a feature "in development" so I won't touch it for

Giuseppe "Oblomov" Bilotta

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