A Message from the NTCI Parents Mailing List:

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I wanted to alert you to some upcoming important dates and events.

1.       I hope many of you will join us for a wonderful night of music and art 
at our annual Soda Pop Shop and "Best in Grade Competition" the evening of 
Friday, April 8th. Your son/daughter will have more information.

2.       The third report card will be distributed to students on Tuesday, 
April 19. This is a change from our original calendar (April 14). Sorry for any 
inconvenience caused. A June examination schedule will be included in the 
package as well as program verification for next year's courses. Please review 
all of these documents carefully. Please don't hesitate to contact teachers, 
counsellors or administration if you have questions or concerns about your 
son/daughter's achievement or about these other documents.

3.       A reminder that Friday, April 15 is a Professional Activity Day. This 
PA Day is new to our calendar and mandated by the province. Students will not 
attend school on this day.

4.       NT observes Homophobia & Transphobia Awareness Week (April 11-14) and 
the "Day of Pink" on Wednesday, April 13. The Day of Pink is an "international 
initiative against Bullying, Discrimination, Homophobia, Transphobia, and 
Transmisogyny across the world". Please encourage your son/daughter to 
participate in the week's events.

5.       NT celebrates Earth Week (April 18-22) with special events, assemblies 
and a "late start" on April 18 to encourage eco-friendly transportation to 
school. Please promote this with your child as well.

6.       Your School (Parent) Council meets again on Wednesday, April 27 with a 
special workshop on Financial Literacy & Your Child. 7:30 p.m. Room 215.

In a few weeks, students will start working on their year-end summative work in 
classes and then prepare for their June examinations. It is very important that 
students stay committed and focussed and plan on attending classes regularly 
and punctually.  Grade 12 students in particular start to miss classes and we 
see their grades drop (in some cases dramatically). Each year a number of grade 
12 students lose scholarships and post-secondary placements due to this. Please 
be vigilant and communicate with school staff if you have any concerns.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Joel Gorenkoff

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