That count should actually increment whenever any of the supported OS clients 
connect.  The keys for all valid clients are built into the OS so you only need 
to add things that come out later.  There’s normally an update that handles 
that as well, but since you said the Windows 10 box incremented the count your 
server apparently has that already.  That said, if these clients are already 
activated they will only try to reactivate periodically, not at every reboot. 
IIRC that default value for workstations is 7 days. If they can’t connect 
within 180 days they then flag as unregistered.  If you have more than one KMS 
server on your network it is possible that they are registering with it instead 
so you need to make sure about that. If you do have, you can always stop the 
KMS service long enough for the new server to reach the 50 threshold.  Until 
the server reaches threshold it will not actually activate any clients, they 
will be told to come back later.  That’s actually a fairly common issue in 
environments with relatively low client counts and multiple KMS hosts.

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I apologize for the late reply. Late night lurking stumbled across your 
seemingly unanswered thread.

The count will eventually stop ticking and will hover at a predefined value. 
The idea is that this value is high enough to ensure the KMS server hands out 
real activations.

See here:

However, that says the number is 50. My gut says that you need to install ALL 
host keys for OSes you wish to activate.

From the same article, check out KMS event 12290 for detailed information about 
client activation requests.  Those have been helpful in the past. It will tell 
you what the response was for each client.

Good luck,
Joe Tinney

On Aug 2, 2016 14:04, "Kennedy, Jim" 
<<>> wrote:
I spun up a new 2012 R2 KMS server recently.  Put in the fancy 2012R2/Win10 KMS 
key and our Office 2010 key. The vast majority of our computers auto start each 
day at 6 am but the arm count on the OS was stuck at 24.  I even pulled three 
spares off the shelf and imaged them with Win 7, slmgr.vbs /ato and the count 
stayed at 24.

Then I took one of them and hit it with Win 10 and the count instantly jumped 
to 25.

So it seems maybe the count only increments when you hit it with Win 10.

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