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Replying offlist.

typical. I am on a PC and dont have nuke installed.

Order of operation should be Image->CDL->display LUT. So unless there is 
something in the CDL that is restricting the data being passed to the display, 
I would say the issue is caused by the display buffer and what is being passed 
to that

what is your viewer bit depth set to ?

Operationally Nuke wont concatenate any colour ops, only transforms. However it 
does sound like you might be applying the second operation to a display buffer 
with reduced colour depth ?!

So Nuke might actually be rendering the Data to an 8bit buffer as part of the 
INPUT_PROCESS then applying the vLUT on top  ?

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Subject: [Nuke-users] Input Process not concatenating

Not sure if this is common knowledge, but I'm guessing that it is:
I was looking into a workflow where I set the shot CDL as an input process, 
with the show lut as a viewer process on top of that.

Unfortunately, the input process and viewer process do not concatenate. I end 
up with milky blacks and flattened highlights. So at this stage, it looks like 
I will only burn the CDL into the dailies (sRGB, jpeg sequence and h.264) as I 
can burn in the CDL and the show lut without concatenation issues and all 
appears as it should. It would just be handy if the comp artist had the ability 
to enable/disable the input process underneath the show lut, to see the effect 
of the CDL.

If anyone has any suggestions for how they do this, I'd be interested. Or, 
maybe this is actually a bug, not a limitation? I'm on 10.0v4 Linux.

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