I'm obviously biased but I like Tripp Lite stuff.

I try to pitch in and help with Network UPS Tools issues related to Tripp Lite 
when I can too (albeit the developers and users on this list are usually more 
helpful than me).

Just to confirm, it sounds like you are looking at the SU5000RT4UHV, correct?


Thank you,

David Zomaya

Business/Quality Analyst- Software

Tripp Lite


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We're looking at replacing some old APC SmartUPS 5000s with something
that has USB so NUT can more easily talk with it (and yes, I've tried
USB-RS232 adapters and every one I tried started kicking out errors
within a few hours).

One of the bids we have is for a "Tripp Lite UPS Smart Online 5000VA
4500W Rackmount 5kVA 200V/240V" as the potential replacement unit. I
have no experience with Tripp Lite UPSs and the reviews I've found
online are scant and fairly mixed so I thought I'd ask here...

Does anyone on this list have experience with these UPSs? Any thoughts?
Would you buy it again? Does it work well with NUT?


F.T.R. the full description is "Tripp Lite UPS Smart Online 5000VA 4500W
Rackmount 5kVA 200V/240V USB DB9 4URM ENERGY STAR V2.0 - UPS - AC
200/208/220/230/240 V - 4.5 kW - 5000 VA - RS-232, USB - output
connectors: 4 - 4U - attractive black"

I'm sure the "attractive black" part is critical.

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