Hey All,

I use nut on my Cubietruck some time now together with a APC USV and
everything works great including auto-shutdown.

Now I got a second Cubietruck and this one has a Li-ion battery
connected directly to the board. The data can be read out by "normal"
Linux options, e.g.:

cat /sys/class/power_supply/battery/capacity
for the current loading level and such.

My question is now if there is a way to get these data handled by NUT in
order to use the same things as with the normal USV. Is there a drover
for such "low level" things?
Or is there a generic driver that maybe uses a formatted textfile, so I
could write the data in a defined format file every x Minutes or such ...
I was not able to find something like this so far.

Thank you for your ideas.

Ingo Fischer

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