I've told systemd to wait up to 10 minutes for startup but it's still
failing. Sometimes it fails with "timeout exceeded" and sometimes with
the ASN error previously reported.

I went back to running upsdrvctl -D to see if I could see anything. On
the third run I saw messages about "startup timer elapsed" for ups2-1
and then it tried again to launch that one (killing the existing one).
It did this multiple times. When trying to systemd I see a bunch of
zombie processes that used to be snmp-ups for one of ups2-1 or ups3-1
(depending on the run).

I'm trying again with
 /etc/systemd/system/nut-driver.service.d/nut-driver.conf set to:
 /etc/ups/ups.conf having
  maxretry = 10
  retrydelay = 15

This time ps shows three apparently happy snmp-ups processes but
upsdrvctl start is still showing up. ... and then everything vanishes
but systemd doesn't complain. journalctl -xe shows a good startup then
claims nut-driver.service isn't needed anymore and shuts it down:

Dec 04 10:17:52 [redacted] snmp-ups[14578]: Startup successful
Dec 04 10:17:52 [redacted] upsdrvctl[14556]: Network UPS Tools - UPS
driver controller 2.7.2
Dec 04 10:17:52 [redacted] systemd[1]: Started Network UPS Tools - power
device driver controller.
-- Subject: Unit nut-driver.service has finished start-up
-- Defined-By: systemd
-- Support: http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/systemd-devel
-- Unit nut-driver.service has finished starting up.
-- The start-up result is done.
Dec 04 10:17:52 [redacted] systemd[1]: Unit nut-driver.service is not
needed anymore. Stopping.

I have a feeling that if I do get this working by setting huge timers
I'm just cargo-culting a "fix".


On 12/4/17 09:38 , Lee Damon wrote:
> Hi Charles,
> Running upsdrvctl -D start on the host with all three configured to
> SNMPv3 kicks out 56 different "unhandled ASN 0x81 from ..." lines on all
> three but importantly they all start up and keep running.
> I'm starting to suspect the startup is taking so long that systemd is
> timing out and killing it. time -p reports real time of 133.27. I'm not
> a fan of systemd but it's a thing I have to deal with. I'm going to see
> if I can find a way to tell it to give startup more time.
> I'm attaching a -D startup in case anyone is curious (but I doubt anyone
> will be. :)
> nomad

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