On Dec 4, 2017, at 2:43 PM, Lee Damon <no...@ee.washington.edu> wrote:
> I have it "working" with the following settings changes from the default
> in the RPM. By "working" I mean it starts after reboot and after issuing
> 'sudo systemctl restart nut-driver' but, as expected, it takes quite a
> while to finish startup.

Yeah, this doesn't sound ideal.

How close do the EPEL RPM's systemd configuration files look to the ones in the 
NUT tree? e.g. 

If the EPEL RPMs have a bug tracker, it might be worth pinging them about it. 
The "StopWhenUnneeded=no" part is odd, in my mind, although the idea is for 
"upsdrvctl start" to start the drivers, let them fork, then exit. (Were you 
running "upsdrvctl -D start" at the command line or under systemd? I would not 
expect the latter to work without modifications.)

There is also a proposal for reworking the NUT driver startup under systemd, in 
case problems crop up later, and you want to revisit this:


As I understand it, the drivers would each get their own systemd unit, so that 
might be easier for isolating failures.

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