Dear Matthew,

       Sorry for the late application.
       I’ve submitted a draft named draft-xiang-nvo3-geneve-packet-spray-00 
realizing the packet spraying in Geneve Overlay Network.
       Since it is the initial version, I want to give a short presentation to 
introduce the simulation result to public and call for more comments and hear 
the voice from industry.
       Really appreciate if you could assign me 5-10 mins to present it.

       Topic: Packet Spraying in Geneve Overlay Network.
       Draft: draft-xiang-nvo3-geneve-packet-spray-00
       Presenter: Yolanda Yu
Duration: 5-10mins

       Thank you for your consideration.

Yolanda Yu

发件人: nvo3 [] 代表 Bocci, Matthew (Nokia - GB)
发送时间: 2018年2月23日 23:31
收件人: NVO3 <>
抄送: Ignas Bagdonas <>
主题: [nvo3] Slot requests for NVO3 Meeting at IETF101, London


We have a slot on the draft agenda on Wednesday 21st March from 1520-1650.

Please send requests for a slot at the meeting to me, copying Ignas, stating 
the subject and any relevant drafts.

Best regards

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