While describing the huge number of Long-tailed Ducks seen in Shinnicock
Bay, I used both its current name, as well as the species' former
name...adding that I "missed" the latter.

This prompted Molly Adams to respond to me privately, stating "The name was
changed for a reason. What's fun to say and nostalgic for you is offensive,
racist and sexist to others". After being shocked, confused and indignant,
I then realized I had much to learn and understand about Molly's comments !
When the name was changed I had not heard nor read anything that suggested
it was due to being politically correct.

My response to her consisted of trying to explain the meaning I gave
(without any malice whatsoever) to the words I used, and asked for any
information she could send to help educate me !

The four links she sent were conclusive - she was right - I stood corrected
! The old name of the Long-tailed Duck was disparaging to a proud portion
of our American Heritage ! I know I will refrain from using it while
writing in the future, but can only hope I don't blurt it out during the
heat of battle (birding) ie, "Marsh  Hawk", "Myrtle Warbler" or "Upland
Plover" !



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