It’s a thing now.  Like a wanted sign, a placard in the park promotes with 
photos finding two early Spring suspects - a Robin and a Woodcock.  Even the 
security guard in the sentinel booth in the southwest corner will kindly 
provide you with his last sightings. I haven’t had much luck in the last few 
weeks - but I finally spotted a Woodcock this evening in the usual spot, the 
northwest corner, busily poking the ground for earthworms.  Unfortunately, the 
bee hives were temporarily removed for  refurbishing so it may be just a matter 
of time before they’re returned and that corner disturbed again.

The Song Sparrow population has slowly increased, and with the main lawn sodded 
and cordoned, one can watch them sweep across the area.  I counted at least a 
dozen.  Also, 3-4 Swamp Sparrows, 2 Juncos, 1 American Robin, 1 European 
Starling, and 1 Hermit Thrush (in the garden house in the southeast corner).  
Meanwhile, the White-throated Sparrow population is declining to just a half 
dozen.  No warblers yet.

Happy Spring Birding,
Alan Drogin

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