I knew something was afoot when I walked my son to preschool through Madison 
Square Park this morning and saw lots of non-house-sparrow activity on the 
Center Oval lawn (which is usually the province of Robins, Starlings and House 
Sparrows):  First a Common Yellowthroat, then a Redstart in a tree, then a 
female Towhee in the newly-planted shrubs in the center of the lawn, then 
Ovenbird, Canada Warbler, Swainson's Thrush, and the biggie...MOURNING WARBLER! 
 Out in the open foraging in the grass, a no-doubter.  It soon became apparent 
that, for some reason, the Park drew it lots of birds today.  Baltimore Oriole 
and Wood Thush also heard in the trees.  And after I left, reports kept coming 
in of more: Magnolia Warbler, Indigo Bunting, female Hooded Warbler.  A great 
day for Madison Square Park, and now the park sits at 97 species...3 species 
away from turning from BLUE to GREEN on the eBird hotspot heat map.  Go 
-Ethan Goodman

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