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Date: Sun, Dec 29, 2019 at 10:41 PM
Subject: [osbirds] DEC adopts regulations that could affect bird feeding
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The NYS Dep't. of Environmental Conservation has announced new regulations
on feeding deer that could impact backyard bird feeders.  The regs prohibit
feeding deer--expanding and clarifying an earlier prohibition.  The main
purpose is to reduce the likelihood of transmission of Chronic Wasting
Disease, which could have a major impact on the state's deer herd and can
be transmitted when multiple deer are in close proximity.  Other reasons
include protecting wildlife habitat, reducing human-deer interaction, and
not artificially raising deer populations.

Where bird feeding comes in are incidental situations where deer congregate
at feeders, potentially creating the effects above.  In such cases, DEC
will issue a written warning to the responsible individual asking that the
feeding be halted.  If it continues, it will be considered a violation of
the law.

This is similar to regulations addressing bears at bird feeders put in
place a few years ago.  Again, if a bear is persistently visiting a bird
feeder (or garbage cans, etc.), a warning is provided and a citation issued
if the situation is not remedied.

For further information, see

Andy Mason

Andrew Mason
13 Boylston St.
Oneonta, NY  13820

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