Hi everyone,

I am writing this email hoping that someone reading it knows someone in charge 
in Bush Terminal Pier Park. 

Today, I saw an Osprey nesting on the Osprey platform at the middle basin of 
this park. I believe this is the first ever attempt at nesting here and I have 
been visiting this park very frequently since its opening seven or eight years 

I always thought that Osprey will never nest here because people, and 
especially fishermen, keep walking over the rocks at low tides and settle under 
the platform.

But this year, there is some construction taking place and the middle rocky 
pier was closed for people and that allowed Osprey to nest there taking 
advantage of the absence of people.

Currently, the closest people can get to the nest is on the top of the hill, 
more than 500 feet away.

But this situation might not last if the construction finishes before the 
chicks fledge.

I think the people in charge of the park should keep the middle rocky pier 
closed until the end of the nesting season.

This nest definitely needs protection.

Can someone please help?

Thank you in advance

Here are my photos of the nest.



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