Thank you for updates and your efforts in rescuing this bird. 

I know Limpkin is a rarity outside of FL but I still question the carbon 
footprint of driving 10 hours or so (RT) to see a single bird to add to a State 
list. (I did notice a few folks bussed up from NYC; very commendable.)  Now if 
you were vacationing in Buffalo in mid November that’s a different story (on 
many fronts).  


L. Trachtenberg 

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> On Nov 18, 2022, at 12:15 PM, Willie D'Anna <> 
> wrote:
> I just wanted to give a heads up that there is a plan to capture the Limpkin 
> as soon as possible, with people currently on site. I am sorry for people who 
> might be on their way now but this turned out to be the best time for the 
> rehabbers and, with the weather, probably for the bird as well.
> When I hear more, I will post what I know.
> Willie
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> Subject: [GeneseeBirds-L] Limpkin - Niagara County
> The Limpkin in Lewiston, along the Niagara River, was seen throughout the day 
> yesterday and was there again this morning. It is sticking to a very small 
> area – a linear strip about 50 yards long. If you don’t see it, just 
> carefully check the weeds at the base of the slope for any movement. It can 
> really hide in there!
> If you have not seen the bird by now, unfortunately, your opportunity may 
> soon be over. I know this will be disappointing/upsetting to those who have 
> had no chance to chase it during the week and were waiting for the weekend. 
> Although there may be disagreement on whether or not humans should intervene, 
> there is strong consensus among people that I have talked with that the 
> health of this bird should be the primary consideration. A rehabilitator has 
> been alerted who is willing to transport the bird to Florida. Although the 
> bird seems fine now, we know how quickly things can change. We are fairly 
> certain from past experience (the Anhinga near Rochester), that this bird 
> will not simply leave when things get really bad for it. Therefore, its 
> capture may come sooner rather than later. Capturing a healthy bird often 
> results in a better outcome than capturing one that is already unwell. Please 
> don’t ask me exactly when this will occur because I don’t know. It could be 
> today. We will continue to monitor the Limpkin and try to assess its 
> condition, as well as watch what the weather is or will be doing.
> The snowstorm in Buffalo is horrendous right now and there is a driving ban 
> in parts of Buffalo and the suburbs. Nobody should be driving into or close 
> to the city to see this bird. If you are coming from the east, go through 
> Rochester and come along Lake Ontario, then back south to Lewiston.
> The coordinates are 43.173805, -79.049374 Mapped pin: 
>  This is below the cliff, down at river 
> level. You must park above at street level and take the stairs down. For 
> those who have difficulty walking, you can be driven down and let off at 
> water level. Look for the blue-gray building that says “harbor master” over 
> one of the doors. Next to it is a blue-gray shed. The weeds that it was 
> hanging out in all afternoon on Tuesday are between those two buildings, 
> which are only 15 feet apart. The bird sometimes moves behind one of the 
> buildings but you can usually find it by moving around. It is close, only 30 
> feet or so away, though usually obscured or made invisible by weeds, and does 
> not seem particularly concerned about people. However, please do not surround 
> it, as it does sometimes like to come out into the open. I suggest that 
> people stay off the grass in order to give it some space. You will still get 
> great views.
> PLEASE NOTE: If anyone notices the bird showing concerning behavior, such as 
> lethargy, noticeable limping, or dragging a wing, could you please contact me 
> Thanks and good birding!
> Willie
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> Willie D'Anna
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