Hi Brock,

there have been several attempts to start writing some guidance but so far we 
haven’t gotten too far.
IMHO it would be great to have a document.


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Subject: [OAUTH-WG] is updated guidance needed for JS/SPA apps?

Much like updated guidance was provided with the "OAuth2 for native apps" RFC, 
should there be one for "browser-based client-side JS apps"? I ask because 
google is actively discouraging the use of implicit flow:


From what I can tell, the complaints with implicit are:
* access token in URL
* access token in browser history
* iframe complexity when using prompt=none to "refresh" access tokens

But this requires:
* AS/OP to support PKCE
* AS/OP to support CORS
* user-agent must support CORS
* AS/OP to maintain short-lived refresh tokens
* AS/OP must aggressively revoke refresh tokens at user signout (which is not 
something OAuth2 "knows" about)
* if the above point can't work, then client must proactively use revocation 
endpoint if/when user triggers logout

Any use in discussing this?


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