Just to let you know, the age/gender handicapped results  from Sep06
will disappear from our site when I update the TT results next Thursday,
so if you want a copy, grab it before then.

Also, when rolling through the countryside this afternoon, and thinking
about Simpson's concerns about sore toes, busy work weeks and
individualized handicapping, I thought of this (I guess I should have
been riding faster):

Idiosyncratic Exceed Expectations Event (IEEE)

Riders receive an individual handicap based on past performances, but
afterwards (before knowing others' results) can appeal to a
knowledgeable panel of judges (say, those who show up at Mugs after the
event!) for an added "compassionate" handicap. Some sample grounds for

There was a really big, really dead groundhog on the road and I ran over

My foot was so sore that I had to do the whole event single legged.

I wore new shorts on my regular 1200km weekend ride and now I have
saddle sores and had to ride the whole TT standing up.

I crashed three times in the event.

I'm an engineer and I just couldn't get my mind off of work.

I'm a man, and I just don't have enough experience riding in a dress.

I know that you have no data on me, but do I really look as fast as THAT

I'm too tired to even tell you why.

I can't breathe well when I'm laughing.



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