I too am impressed by the work that Celia has put into her time-trial
results pages. It is indeed unfortunate that these pages are not linked
from the club website - with their only publicity being her emails to
this mailing list there are likely many members and participants who are
unaware of the outstanding depth of the information provided. There is
also an ongoing trend of improvement and addition of useful details -
Michael described several unique features, some of which were developed
as a result of Celia's requests for user feedback.

Looking at the OBC website pages, not only are the links and
presentation options not available, but on reviewing the the seed sheets
it's interesting to note that those seed sheets are derived from each
rider's most recent time, not from their fastest time....

It is time that all visitors to the club website have the opportunity to
use this resource, not only "those in the know".

Peter James
Ottawa, Ontario

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