I agree completely. Her TT stats are a marvel and should be properly 
I also have noticed that when Celia was in charge of the OBC web's 
classy ads, material was put up in a timely manner. Now it can be weeks 
before anything new shows up. I don't understand why the OBC took 
something away from a competent volunteer only to make it worse.


Michael Coldwell wrote:
> Earlier this season I had pointed out, to the OBC
> Board, the lack of TT results on the OBC website. I
> was told, at that time, that it was being developed
> and we should all be more patient. Since Celia had
> (and has!) continued to independently produce
> excellent
> quality result pages and since it appeared that
> development of the official TT pages had hardly
> started, I suggested that, at least until the work
> was complete, a link be made from the OBC web to
> Celia's result pages. My suggestion was ignored, and
> at one point there were no updates to the official TT
> result pages for more than a month of our competetive
> season.
> We have now had almost a whole season of TT's,
> and most members of the club have mostly viewed the
> results from Celia's link that she sends out each
> week.  The reality is that Celia is supporting the
> club member requirements, and is certainly recognized
> within the membership for her superb work and
> dedication, though it seems unappreciated by the
> OBC board.
> If the OBC board is unwilling to appreciate the TT
> results we did have (which I feel were second to none
> of any bicycle club sites), then I would recommend
> that the TT keeper position be an elected position. 
> You know where my vote will go.
> Advantages of Celia's site: colour coded for easy
> viewing and picking out relative placements; links
> from each line detail to access other grouping
> information (by category, name, or speed); timeliness
> of data onto the site; weather details; proper seed
> sheets; BAR calculations; ABC results; complete and
> accurate results (i.e. all categories (I notice the
> PeeWee is missing from August 8 official results - too
> bad, as I think it's great to encourage the young
> cyclists); complete volunteer lists (once again, we
> can't survive without volunteers, and they should
> always be recognized)); there may be more issues, but
> I sure haven't done an in depth search).
> I am a user of this information, appreciate having it,
> and knowing that we have had the quality support from
> Celia, certainly would not expect that we need to take
> a step backwards as technological capabilities
> generally takes steps forward.
> Michael
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